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REBLOG AND WIN A FREE SET!  My new Screentone brushes for Photoshop will now be released this FRIDAY, April 18th. I am adding 30 more brushes, for a total of 95 (!!!) screentones - lines, dots, textures, shapes, and everything else! This set will be extremely useful for comics artists, illustrators, and poster designers, as well as anybody else who wants to be able to quickly paint with perfect screentone patterns in their digital artwork. If you preorder before noon on Friday, you can save $2 on the set!

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Sexuality: Will with his neW HAIR CU t



Share with me your art and sketchblogs! :O


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we thought fatty was sick but it turns out she just eats too fast then gets sick. what a little fucker

staturescout said: i may remake mine bc i miss vgetting snapchats from you

anyone would miss that fatty is integral