staturescout said: careful friend

il be carefuk whe im sober

[drunkenly vomits political opinions]



hey, just an fyi, the creator of five nights at freddy’s is extremely anti choice and even made a pro life video game called The Desolate Hope that’s also on steam.

if you want to play five nights, please torrent it. don’t give him any money.

nope. this is wrong. the game was not intended to be pro choice.

please don’t encourage fucking over a creator based on the words of someone else.

even besides that this is fucking ridiculous and toxic thinking

"the guy who made that game that’s getting popular has a viewpoint that is the opposite of mine! TORRENT IT! HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO MAKE A LIVING BECAUSE WE DISAGREE ON SOMETHING"

because people aren’t allowed to have opinions right

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lindsay vs /r/popping round three FIGHT

The Dentally Misabled: oh my god im on popping again
The Dentally Misabled: kirk help me
The Dentally Misabled: fuck
The Dentally Misabled: if you could see my face youd know how much i hate myself for looking at this stupid bullshit
The Dentally Misabled: im making the 8| face in real life
The Dentally Misabled: PLS WHY
Kirkleon: no no no don't do that
Kirkleon: don't go there
The Dentally Misabled: why do i DO this to myself
Kirkleon: why are you there
Kirkleon: you just regret it
Kirkleon: why did you do it
The Dentally Misabled: i dont KNOW
The Dentally Misabled: i think i just HATE MYSELF

Let’s play a game!


Stand where you are, look around, and list whatever liquidy thing is closest to you. This is now your fanfic lube.

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otakon 2011 w/ lily omg look at me

otakon 2011 w/ lily omg look at me


lindsay and i will always be homestuck trash

its like im 2 years sober and i want a celebratory drink

having bipolar but instead of mania to depression going from normal to low key depression to “my anxiety is outta control” #justcyclothymiathings

staturescout said: become one with the homestuck

im 200% there already